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White Aurora V738

Product: Vadara Quartz

Collection: Threads of Nature

Finish: Polished

Thickness: 3 cm / 2 cm (s.o.)

Size: 63”x126”

Style Inspiration: Calacatta Marble

Background Color: White

Vein Color: Gold, Light Grey

Hue: Warm and Cool

Features: Book Match


Inspiration: “Cities of Gold”

We wanted to capture the golden mist of the Yo Long River, China, as sunrise cloaks the valley in gilded sheets of brilliant amber. Articulating warm hues in swirling mist-like veins helped us illustrate the golden breath of rays, turning majestic mountain peaks into glowing silhouettes, and flowing waters into liquid gold.

We were inspired by sheets of light falling through the clouds, appearing like a gentle Aurora — a gift to those who pause for long enough to enjoy it. There’s a playful stillness to the twisting valleys and kaleidoscope of shade across the horizon which we paint through dynamic shadows of subtle veins against a cloudy white surface. White Aurora brings the same wonder of the amber mist to your design inviting you to lose yourself in a golden pause.

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