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Petra Grigio V703

Product: Vadara Quartz

Collection: Infusions

Finish: Polished

Thickness: 3 cm / 2 cm (s.o.)

Size: 63”x126”

Style Inspiration: Quartzite

Background Color: Dark Grey, Grey

Vein Color: White

Hue: Cool


Inspiration: “Vitality of Shadow”

The electric energy of darkness is rarely as visceral, raw and allconsuming as in Hawaii’s frozen lava fields. There’s a beautiful strangeness in the duet of moving water and shores of charred earth, still humming with the lifeforce of long frozen lava. Ropes of undulating basaltic rock seem to flow in stillness, emanating with an ancient song of the sheer force of nature, creating and reshaping the magnificent shore.

Petra Grigio embodies this vibrancy of darkness, expressing threads of subtle white across a rich two-toned grey background. Complex patterns echo the intricate wave formations etched into pahoehoe lava over thousands of years, and the glow of their smooth surface in the fire of the setting sun. The aesthetic embodies a vitality of shadow, and timeless spark of molten fire.

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