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Naurelle V605

Product: Vadara Quartz

Collection: Ebbs and Flows

Finish: Polished

Thickness: 3 cm / 2 cm (s.o.)

Size: 63”x126”

Style Inspiration: Marble

Background Color: Bright White

Vein Color: Taupe

Hue: Warm


Inspiration: “Elements of Silver and Gold”

We found our inspiration for Naurelle’s jagged patterns and diffused taupe veins in Victoria Falls, Zambia. The sun sets behind mighty mountains, as thunderous falls cascade like silvery hair of an all-powerful deity. Victoria Falls is the stuff of legends. It tells a story of the play of light and dark, of gaseous white mist and towering black cliffs — and of countless jets, all separate, but from a distance, one.

We retell it in hues of radiant white and wispy veining, that cross and stretch, their pattern mimicking the direction of watery cascades and the feeling of timeless magnificence as the falls tumble down on a journey that is theirs and theirs alone. In Naurelle, we hope to bring this tale of the triumph of natural beauty to your space.

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