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Crimson Peak V806

Product: Vadara Quartz

Collection: Ebbs and Flows

Finish: Polished

Thickness: 3 cm / 2 cm (s.o.)

Size: 63”x126”

Style Inspiration: Specialty Marble

Background Color: White

Vein Color: Maroon, Red

Hue: Warm

Features: Book Match


Inspiration: “In the Highest Forest”

Crimson Peak’s flurry of maroon veins, in sprawling patterns across the stark white base, was inspired by the highest peak of Dochula Mountain Pass. Treading in the footsteps of ancients, the Himalayan mountain range sprawls into the misty distance. Only from the highest vantage can you view the expanse of winding, tree-dense cascades, damp with dew in deepening shades of maroon against the snow-peaked mountains.

As if viewed through the eyes of a sweeping bird, a sense of space, expanse and calm is mirrored in the lush weavings of mauve veins intertwining across a luminous backdrop of stark white stone. A bold design that makes a dramatic statement, as unique in its contrasting shades of crimson and luminescent white, as the scene that inspired it.

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