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Calacatta Dorada V727

Product: Vadara Quartz

Collection: Ebbs and Flows

Finish: Polished

Thickness: 3 cm / 2 cm (s.o.)

Size: 63”x126”

Style Inspiration: Marble

Background Color: White

Vein Color: Taupe

Hue: Warm


Inspiration: “Desert Waves”

Inspired by the soft windswept dunes of the Khali Desert, Calacatta Dorada sweeps waves of gentle veining across a luminous white background. Like the space between stars, the vast dune pockets of Abu Dhabi’s Khali desert hold a sense of in-between, a space for imagination, for dreams and mirage as stretches of sand spin into infinity.

Shades of copper, red and gold undulate with the rise and fall of sand dunes, flowing in soft waves that sometimes appear alight, and other times sleeping in shade. Past and present, sky and sand merge into a capsule of space and possibility in Khali’s ocean of shifting white sands and wispy soft waves. We designed this feeling of openness in subtle veins against brilliant white, so you can find it in your space.

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