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TGP Newsletter - July 2024

Updated: Jul 2

Dear Industry Partner,

Since our founding in 2005, TGP has been committed to providing the finest natural and engineered stone slabs for beautiful home and commercial projects. For nearly two decades, we have meticulously hand-selected each piece to ensure top-notch quality, involving hundreds of trips to quarries and factories in Brazil, Italy, Turkey, Spain, India, Thailand, and many other countries.

With an extensive inventory of quartzite, granite, marble, dolomite, onyx, travertine, and limestone, TGP now offers a wide natural stone collection across its four showrooms in Florida: Sarasota, Orlando, Fort Myers, and Pinellas.

The engineered stone industry has experienced significant growth and increased its market share in the construction sector in recent years. Quartz, in particular, has solidified its permanent place in home and commercial projects. Anticipating this trend, TGP positioned itself as a pioneer in bringing the best quartz solutions to the market. We partnered with two visionary manufacturers, Coante and Vadara Quartz, becoming their exclusive distributors in select states.

Vadara Quartz, with their handcrafted slabs that bring nature’s beauty to every space, has been distributed by TGP since 2023.

Coante Quartz, the European quartz giant with over 600,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities in Turkey, has been the latest addition to TGP's portfolio of engineered stones. Utilizing revolutionary Breton technologies, Coante is offering 28 colors currently in the U.S. market and is set to introduce new technologies in the second half of 2024: Chromia (screen-print) and Kreos (full-body natural stone look).

In addition to quartz, TGP also distributes porcelain slabs, providing its dealers with a complete portfolio of engineered stones.

Our newsletters will provide you with the latest industry and product updates, insights into new technologies, and exciting news from the TGP family.

We hope you enjoy the inaugural issue of the TGP newsletter.

Stay in touch. All the best,

Matt Ozturk


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