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TGP Natural Stone - 1.2cm Thin Line

Updated: Jul 2

At The Granite Place, we are excited to spotlight our exquisite 1.2 cm natural stone slabs. These thinner profile slabs are perfect for a variety of applications, including backsplashes, shower walls, and focal point walls. Their sleek and elegant design makes them an ideal choice for adding a touch of luxury to any space. Whether you're working on a residential project or a high-end commercial installation, our 1.2 cm slabs offer the perfect balance of beauty and functionality.

Our 1.2 cm natural stone slabs are also an excellent solution for mobile homes and yachts, where weight and ease of installation are critical factors. Their lightweight nature not only makes them easier to handle but also simplifies the installation process, reducing labor time and costs. Discover the versatility and sophistication of our 1.2 cm slabs and see how they can transform your next project into a masterpiece. Visit any of our four locations to explore our full range and experience the difference for yourself!

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