Located in Sarasota, Pinellas Park, and now in Orlando, The Granite Place is the Supplier of Superior Quality Stone products for kitchen countertops, vanities, commercial applications, and more! Since 2005, we have been assisting fabricators, designers, and homeowners in choosing the finest in Natural and Engineered Stone. We pride ourselves in providing you with the highest quality Natural Stone material such as Granite, Marble, and Quartzite from the world’s best quarries, as well as a wide selection of Radianz Quartz Surfaces. From Fantasy Brown to the exotic Blue Bahia, The Granite Place has the perfect material for your project. Stop by our showroom today!

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Granite is the ideal material for countertops that get a lot of use. When properly sealed, granite is impervious to stains, heat, and water.


Marble is a softer and more porous stone, which makes it susceptible to stains and chips, as well as absorbing of oils and liquids.


Quartzite is a naturally occurring metamorphic rock that was originally pure quartz sandstone. Quartzite is also one of the hardest stones, with a score of seven on the Mohs Hardness Scale.


Radianz is an engineered quartz product with four times the strength of granite. It’s highly resistant to impacts, scratches, stains, and heat.

We personally select our stone from quarries all over the world.


Learn more about our full line of stone products.


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Although we are wholesalers and do not sell directly to the public, we offer homeowners a customer service selection process in conjunction with their stone fabricator (the person who actually measures, cuts, and installs the stone). We’ll work directly with fabricators and notify them of your selection, and in the event you don't have a fabricator, we can assist you in finding the right one for your project. Architects, builders, designers, and homeowners often meet at our spacious and comfortable showroom to review plans and confer on stone choices. In most cases, we can deliver the selected material to your fabricator within 12 hours.

Please visit our state-of-the-art warehouse and showroom and give our courteous and knowledgeable staff the opportunity to help you. Whether this is your first or fiftieth stone redesign project, we welcome the opportunity to assist you through the process.

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