Semi-precious stone is a much more versatile and durable countertop material than many people assume. While it’s typically more expensive than exotic granite, the beauty that it bestows on a room and the value it adds to a home makes it well worth the price. And if the cost of semi-precious stone is a hindrance, please read on! 

By going smaller with the project, a homeowner can indulge in the high-end allure of semi-precious stone without breaking the bank. The Granite Place offers a cut-to-size program so homeowners interested in smaller projects don’t need to purchase an entire slab, eliminating an expensive waste of materials. 

Many customers have used precious stone for coffee tables and bar tops, and precious stone can also add interest to small areas of the home. For instance, an accent of antique blue agate could be embedded within a marble backsplash to elevate it to stunning. Or surrounding a fireplace in dark sodalite or jasper could add elegance to an otherwise dull den.

When viewed as a piece of art, or a feature that sparks conversation, the extra cost to invest in semi-precious stone makes perfect sense, especially if it’s within a homeowner’s budget. For more information on Semi-precious stones, please read our blog.

Examples Of Semi-Precious Stone:

Finished Designs Using Semi-Precious Stone: