Your Radianz® Quartz Countertop is a durable surface designed to last for many years with simple care. In order to keep your Radianz® Quartz surface looking like new, please follow the easy care and maintenance guidelines below.

Everyday Care

For everyday cleaning, simply wipe your Radianz® Quartz surface with a clean, soft sponge or dishcloth dampened with a mild dish soap diluted in warm water. Rinse the surface with clean water and dry with a soft cloth or a paper towel to prevent spotting.

For liquid and food spills, cleaning as above as soon as possible will give you the best results.

Removing Stubborn Stains And Marks

For dried on food and liquid residue, apply a non-abrasive household cleaner and rinse with water.

You can also use a plastic putty knife to gently scrape the surface, or scour it with a non-abrasive Scotch-Brite® pad, but avoid using a metal blade on any kind on the surface. Damage can occur. For any residual stains or marks, simply wipe with a damp cloth,

Never use Methylene Chloride or any cleaners containing alkaline materials as these can damage your countertop surface.

Preventing Damage To Your Radianz® Countertop

Because polished Radianz® has such a low porosity, it does not require the use of a surface sealant and is naturally resistant to stains from cooking oils, coffee, wine, and other common kitchen substances.

However there are some helpful guidelines you can follow to prevent damage from scrapes, scratches, chemicals and heat.

Avoiding Scratches

Because Radianz® is substantially harder than natural stone, it is highly resistant to scratches and scrapes. However, damage can occur if you cut or chop directly on the surface. Always use a cutting board or chopping block in food preparation.

Also, refrain from using your Radianz® countertop as a work surface where screwdrivers and other metal tools can come in direct contact with it. Dropping heavy objects on the surface can also cause damage.

Avoiding Damage From Heat

Radianz® is more heat resistance than most surfaces in the home, however, all stone products can be damaged by sudden and extreme temperature changes. This is especially true near the edges of the surface.

To avoid damage from excessive heat, always use a hot pad or a trivet with rubber feet to protect your Radianz® surface.

Avoiding Damage From Chemicals

Certain chemicals can cause damage to your Radianz® surface and should be avoided in order to keep your countertop looking like new.

  • Cleaners Containing Pine Oil – Pine oil attracts and holds dirt on the surface and will leave behind a stubborn residue if not thoroughly rinsed. Continued use will eventually reduce the cleanliness of the surface and affect its appearance.
  • High Alkaline Cleaners – Highly aggressive cleaning agents that have high alkaline levels (a pH 8.5 or higher) can damage your Radianz® surface. These are such cleaners as oven and grill cleaners and dishwater polishing agents.
  • Abrasive Cleaners – Avoid using abrasive cleaners and scrubs with either hard or soft abrasive particles as these can degrade the surface of your Radianz® countertop.
  • Paint Removers – Avoid exposing you Radianz® countertop to chemicals such as paint removers, furniture strippers, and other substances containing trichlorethane or methylene chloride.
  • Other Chemicals to Avoid – Avoid using cleaners that contain xylene, toluene, potassium hydroxide or caustic soda as all of these can damage your Radianz® surface.

Download Radianz® Care and Maintenance PDF

Dos And Don’ts

Below are some simple Dos and Don’ts. Please refer to the text above for more detailed instructions and guidelines.

  • Do clean your countertop with a mild dish soap diluted with warm water.
  • Do use a soft cloth or sponge for wiping and drying.
  • Do use a cutting board or chopping block in food preparation.
  • Do use a hot pad or a trivet to protect the surface from heat.
  • Don’t cut or chop or use metal tools directly on the surface.
  • Don’t stand on your countertop or drop heavy objects on the surface.
  • Don’t use abrasive scrubs and cleaners.
  • Don’t expose your countertop to harsh chemicals and cleaners.
  • Don’t use cleaners that contain Pine Oil.

Specific Cleaning Procedures For Radianz®

For liquids like milk, soy sauce, grape juice, orange juice, tea, whiskey, coke, olive oil, lemon juice, vinegar, beer, coffee, mustard, tomato ketchup, hot sauce, peroxide, nail polish remover, red wine, isopropyl alcohol:

  1. Wipe the surface using a clean, soft cloth or sponge and a mild dish-soap diluted in warm water.
  2. For best results, wipe away liquid spills and thoroughly dry as soon as possible.

For dried liquids like gum, paint, grease, blood, food:

  1. Dried liquids, foods and any hardened residue can be removed by gently scraping the surface with a plastic putty knife or a nonabrasive Scotch-Brite® pad(*), followed with a damp cloth or sponge and mild liquid dish soap.

For staining liquids and substances like black tea, ink pen, crayon, shoe polish, hair dye, nail polish, all stains that persist from lists above, adhesive residue from stickers or tape, permanent magic marker, stain by protective film:

  1. Wearing gloves, moisten affected area with acetone(*) or nail polish remover(*) or bleach(*) applied with a paper towel or clean cloth. Read product labels and follow all precautions.
  2. Wipe away the stains.
  3. Rinse thoroughly to remove any cleaning Residue 1. All stains that persist from lists above.

For all stains that persist from lists above:

  1. Wearing gloves, moisten affected area with acetone(*) or nail polish remover(*) applied with a paper towel or clean cloth. Read product labels and follow all precautions.
  2. Apply a small amount of abrasive cleanser(*).
  3. Very Carefully work abrasive cleanser to the stained area.
  4. Rinse thoroughly to remove any residue.

For rust stains and water spots (calcium deposits):

  1. Apply calcium/rust remover(*) to a cotton cloth or a new sponge and rub the stained area. Read product labels and follow all precautions.
  2. Rinse thoroughly to remove any cleaning residue.

Download Radianz® Cleaning Procedures PDF

(*) Scotch-Brite® pad, Acetone, Nail polish remover, Bleach, Abrasive cleanser The products(*) above may cause a gloss decrease effect which looks like a stain on Radianz® . The cleaning result may vary depending on Radianz® colors, please test the cleaning agent in an inconspicuous location first before applying to a large area. 

Note: Use of certain trade and product names is intended only to show a type of cleaning product. This does not constitute an endorsement or support for that product. Nor does the exclusion of any certain name product imply its insufficiency.