Porcelain Tile is an engineered stone primarily made of naturally occurring major raw materials such as clay, pegmatite and silica sand that is fired at high temperatures to remove moisture and to form a hard, and dense tile.

Seranit has been manufacturing ceramic and 100% porcelain tiles for both interior and exterior application that adds value to spaces with an innovative approach, rich color effect, and trend-setting designs. These tile options create aesthetic and functional spaces in hotels, hospitals, gyms, and many other commercial spaces as well as residential spaces. Seranit produces environmentally-friendly products following national and international standards that fulfills all environmental requirements by using the right raw materials and prioritizing energy efficiency in the production processes.

Seranit Porcelain Tile - Nation application
Seranit Porcelain Tile - Purity application
Seranit Porcelain Tile - Havana application
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