Porcelain is an engineered stone made from mixing natural clay with other minerals that are heated to extremely high temperatures. The heating process makes porcelain both highly durable and resistant to heat. Porcelain stone creates versatile colors and patterns that provide unique styles for both indoor and outdoor projects.


Sintered Stone is an engineered stone with a slightly different manufacturing process than porcelain. It is made from from natural, recyclable ingredients, such as sand, clay and quartz and created during a process involving intense heat and pressure that bonds the elements to create a strong and sturdy product that is lightweight, UV resistant and very versatile.

TGP Porcelain & Sintered Stone Collection

Manufactured by highly respected suppliers around the world, TGP Porcelain & Sintered Stone Collection includes over 50 colors of premium porcelain and sintered stone products. Each slab is created using close attention to detail with technological advances that result in stunning patterns and designs for both commercial and residential applications.

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TGP Porcelain Himalaya Crystal