One home design look that is always in style is a white kitchen. One popular way to achieve that white kitchen look is through white granite countertops. There are many options of beautiful white granite countertops with a myriad of complimentary fixtures and accents that can create your dream white kitchen, while allowing you to express your individual unique style. There is a lot to consider and know when choosing the white granite that will work best for your kitchen.

What is White Granite?

Let’s set the record straight. There is no such thing as pure white granite. Granite is a natural stone that was created by natural processes. It is an igneous rock made up of mainly quartz, feldspar, micas, and a mixture of other trace minerals. These minerals and their variations provide granite with the wide variety of colors and textures seen in granite countertops. Since granite is composed of these unique natural minerals, granite will naturally have a variety of colors and never be pure white. Simply put, pure white granite has not yet been discovered and therefore does not currently exist. 

If you are looking for that clean white kitchen look, you can still achieve that through white background granite. Even better, because there is not pure white granite, you can easily bring your personality into the home by choosing a granite with the colored flecks or veins that best represent your personal style and color theme.

 What to Know About White Granite

While there are many different options available on the market, granite is always a classic choice for durability and functionality. Let’s take a quick look at some things to know when choosing granite for the home.

  • White Granite provides exceptional beauty. The brightness offers an inviting space and the design options give a stylish feel.
  • White Granite brings out your personal style. Because there are many varieties in granite from background color to colors of flecks and veining, granite is an easy way to bring your personal style into the home.
  • White Granite increases your home’s value. Granite countertops add tremendous value to any kitchen.
  • White Granite is very complementary. The choice of white allows for a myriad of colors and patterns to be used throughout the space, giving an endless design compatibility.
  • It’s Important to properly seal granite. It is important that your fabricator properly seals the granite upon installation. Choosing an experienced fabricator is the best way to ensure your granite will last throughout the years.
  • Granite must be maintained. Once granite has been properly sealed by an experienced fabricator, it is recommended that once a year granite be resealed to prevent oxidation and staining. This is a simple process that can be done by the homeowner themselves with the proper materials and should not deter anyone from choosing white background granite. 

What are the Different Variations of White Granite?

From white granite with bright white backgrounds and multi-color shimmering flecks that bring that sparkling clean kitchen look to white granite with smokier white backgrounds and dark veins that bring a bold modern look, there are many different colors and variations of white granite to choose from. TGP (The Granite Place) currently has over 30 options of white granite in stock all that bring different feelings and styles into your kitchen.

One of the most striking white granites is White Ice. This dramatic granite brings a statement into the kitchen with its bold, yet modern look and feel. While this granite has a creamier white background and is classified in the “white granite” category, it is anything but pure white.

Another white background granite example is Pitaya. This white granite option has a bright white background and could easily bring that sparkling clean white kitchen look that is always on trend.

To conclude, white granite countertops can work for almost any home, and can easily bring an individual’s personal style through its many color varieties. Our showroom includes one of our most popular slabs, River White Granite, as well as other designer-look granites. If you’re planning to rejuvenate your kitchen or bath, stop by any one of our showroom locations, and see what TGP (The Granite Place) can do for you! Contact us today!