A vanity is more than just a countertop. It is where you ready yourself for the day and prepare to face the world, and often where you end a long day to unwind in the evening. It is not merely functional as a place to organize and apply your makeup, but it also serves as an oasis where you can find the comfort to do so.

Designing a vanity requires careful planning and attention to detail. The layout should favor your habits and the style must inspire you. Here are a few things to consider as you design your new vanity.

Plan the Layout for Your Lifestyle
First, consider the room where the vanity will be located and how much space the vanity will use. Then, consider what the vanity needs to offer to suit your lifestyle. How much counter space will work for you? How much additional storage will you need? Does the vanity require a sink?

Measure the area you’re allotting for your vanity, taking height, width, and depth into account, leaving enough room for doors and drawers to open. Be sure you’ll have ample room for your legs and arms. Identify where you will need electrical and plumbing fixtures.

Select Your Sink
The next question you’ll need to ask is whether or not you need a sink. If it’s simply a place to apply makeup, you may not need one. But if you decide your vanity has the space and need for a sink, you will have to decide if an undermount, overmount, or integrated sink will work best for you.

Decide on Your Style
The next step is to decide on the vanity design. Are you looking for something more traditional, modern, or minimal? Do you want to include detailed designs like moldings and carved woodwork, or would something more sleek and elegant work for you? Ultimately, this is your space to put yourself together every day. Be sure that it encourages you to be who you want to be.

Choose Your Countertop
Unless you’re buying a pedestal sink or restoring an old piece of furniture, you’re going to need to select a countertop. Granite and quartz are popular choices for bathroom countertops and work really well with vanities. Both are durable, high-quality materials that do not scratch easily and are tolerant of moisture, both good attributes for a vanity.

Fashionable, Functional Fixtures
Once you know how much space you’ll need for your vanity and what you’re making it out of, you’ll need to select your cabinet hardware, lighting, and mirror. What cabinet knobs and drawer handles will suit the look you’re going for? There are a range of lighting choices, including sconce lights, wall-mounted lighting, or recessed lighting that will help ensure light is coming from both sides of your face, so there are no shadows to throw off your blending. And you’ll need to be sure the mirror is large enough and situated at the right height for you to use when seated at your vanity.

We hope this helps you design a vanity for your home that will offer you the oasis needed to start your day. Don’t forget to visit our showroom for more ideas and design inspiration!