As people come looking for that perfect piece of stone for their countertop, they often have a certain color in mind, or at least a color palette. Even if they aren’t quite sure of the exact tone, they are often still quite specific about the actual color palettes. In our experience, these are some of the colors that continue to rise above the others and stand out as the most popular palettes.


As far as providing the extraordinary sensation of pure luxury, nothing compares with Super White. It certainly stands out and makes a bold statement, but at the same time, it doesn’t overwhelm the rest of the kitchen design. Although it is often also called “White Fantasy” or “Fantasy White”, the truth is that it actually does have subtle colors to it, and that is what adds to its dynamic texture.

A true Super White countertop is actually made of dolomitic marble. While the maintenance on most marbles is not something most people favor, this particular marble is actually quite hard and durable, so much so that it is often categorized as a quartzite. It’s still not quite as hard as quartzite, but it does a great job of withstanding abuse in the kitchen while still offering that elegant look of marble that so many desire.




Dolce Vita is actually quartzite. A little darker than Super White with its light eggshell hue, it is brought to life with the extravagant streaks of brown and grey that run through it. Because it is quartzite, it is incredibly durable and very strong, able to take most any abuse a kitchen has to offer. This is part of the irony of Dolce Vita in that its smooth texture, thin veins, and creamy tint make it look much more delicate than it actually is.



Currently, one of the most popular colors on the market is Fantasy Brown. Like Super White, it is actually a marble, and, like Super White, it’s not like other marbles. While most marbles, such as White Carrara and Calacatta, are prone to get stained or scratched, Fantasy Brown is more akin to quartzite in its hardness and durability.

Fantasy Brown offers a variance in its exact colors and patterns, and it compliments other natural colors ranging from simple white, gray, and black to cherry, cream, espresso, and maple. Its smooth blends of subtle pastels swirling through translucent tones of grays and tans, Fantasy Brown pairs perfectly with wood finishes and hardwood flooring. And like Super White and Dolce Vita, it fits into a wide range of styles, be it traditional, contemporary, or traditional.



Lastly, for those looking for a bit more color, Blue Calcite is a translucent natural stone that has become much more popular as of late. Not as hard as these other choices, Blue Calcite has more of the softness of marble than the durability of quartzite. Yet its striking blue colors make it a very trendy option.

With its soft veins of light blue, green and other light colors shimmering off the sparkling crystals that run throughout, Blue Calcite brings the soothing calmness of sun-dappled water. Used for generations by healers and shaman from a variety of spiritual traditions, Blue Calcite is a highly favored choice by those looking to imbue their homes with calming vibrations.



Bear in mind that these are only of the few color palettes available. With natural stone there are many to choose from. Visit our showroom at The Granite Place to find which color palette works best for you and your project.