With the number of contractors and installers we work with, we have quite a few people who come to our stone showroom to look through our collection of slabs. As such, we take great precautions to make safety a very high priority. The average slab of material we deal with weighs around 500 to 700 pounds, and because they can inflict serious damage if they fall or are dropped, safety around them is not to be taken lightly. 

According to the Marble Institute, 75% of stone industry injuries come during the first year of employment. And these are people that actually get training on how to be safe with such materials. So if you’re visiting our facility, we realize you probably don’t visit a place like ours often, and we really want to make sure that you have a safe visit.

As you walk around our showroom, you’ll notice a number of safety signs. Please pay attention to them. Although our showroom offers an astounding array of beauty, it is still an active working environment, and beauty has often been known to be more dangerous than we think it is. 

Our facility has a few different devices for cutting and handling materials which also offer their own dangers. Be alert and steer clear of moving forklifts and overhead cranes. The best way to keep a safe distance from dangers is to stay close to The Granite Place employee showing you around.

Also, as you move through the showroom, please watch your step. We know that the patterns of the stones can be incredibly alluring, but the slab storage frames do have protruding braces that could trip you or injure your shins if you don’t see them. And if you want to get a better look at a slab, do not attempt to move it yourself. We have people who operate machines for that. 

To get a feel for any slab of stone you may be attracted to, touch the flat part of the slab. We advise you not to touch the edges. The edges are not smoothly cut or finished, and there are sharp, jagged sections that can easily cut through skin. 

Ultimately, we want you to have your home decorated and designed as you like with the materials you want. But just as it takes quite a bit of work to get the slabs out of the quarry, it still takes some work to get it from our showroom and into your kitchen. We are glad to help you through the process and keep you safe every step of the way. Visit our showroom today and see what speaks to you!