River White Granite is a popular and fashionable Natural Stone, boasting a bright and distinguished look while also being fairly durable. Its versatility and durability makes it an excellent surface in practically any setting, from kitchen countertops and vanities to commercial applications, and its visual similarities to Marble brings a look of sophistication to any project.

At The Granite Place, we carry a huge variety of different Natural Stones in our showroom, each with their own unique qualities and considerations. That could make it difficult to keep track of all your options. To help you pick the perfect countertop material for your kitchen or bath, let’s take a moment to put the spotlight on River White Granite, one of our incredible Natural Stones!

The Style and Colors of River White Granite

River White Granite is sometimes chosen by homeowners as a “Marble alternative,” due to its resemblance to popular Italian Marbles like Bianco Carrara, and it has become a fashionable choice for even the most affluent homes.

Multiple shades of white and off-white make it easy to match any white cabinetry or walls you may already have in your room, while still offering contrast and depth. Smoky Quartz and darker charcoal colors peek from under the white stone in clusters and wisps, while Garnet flecks lightly pepper the surface. Using red or purple in your room’s color palette will bring out the Garnet in your countertop, adding some warmth to your countertop’s presentation. Learn more about What Gives Granite Countertops Their Colors!

How Durable is River White Granite?

Granite is often chosen for its high durability and River White Granite is no exception. While it’s advised to use preventative measures like using a cutting board and avoiding harsh chemicals with any natural stone countertop, River White Granite is highly resistant to damage like scratching, etching, staining, and scorching. With proper basic care, your River White Granite countertop can last for many, many years!

Does River White Granite Stain Easily?

River White Granite, like all Natural Stones, is porous and can absorb liquids, however your countertop fabricator will apply a seal during installation to prevent any absorption from occurring. A good quality sealant can last upwards to a decade, but it’s a good idea to consider resealing your countertop if it begins to show signs of staining or absorption. In the meantime, simply using coasters and quickly wiping up any spills can go a long way to keeping your River White Granite countertop looking beautiful for many years to come.

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Material Info: River White Granite

  • Mohs Hardness: 6
  • Porosity: 0.68%
  • Water Absorption: 0.24%
  • Thermal Shock Resist: -0.061%

What is the Price Range of River White Granite?

While the final cost of your Granite countertop will be determined by your countertop professional, River White Granite is often a quite economical choice when compared to similar stones. Part of our TGP Entry Level Collection, River White’s typical cost is considered “mid-range” in comparison with other Granites, while it is lower in cost than most similar-looking Marbles. Be sure to communicate with your countertop professional for a precise estimate on your material, as every individual block of Natural Stone will have its own particular price and properties.

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