The Granite Place has earned the reputation of being Florida’s Supplier of Superior Quality Stone, with an unmatched selection in Natural Stone and Radianz Quartz Surfaces. Homeowners and industry professionals can select from a wide variety of countertop materials, from our high-quality Entry Level Collection, to our breathtaking Exotic and Precious Stone materials. But what exactly makes a material “Exotic?” Let’s take a closer look at some of our most luxurious countertop options!

What Makes a Countertop Material Exotic?

The word “Exotic” is an umbrella term, covering a variety of high-end Natural Stone. It can be a particularly rare Brazilian Granite, a pure white Italian Marble, or a colorful Quartzite or Onyx, for example. The price for Exotic Stones can vary greatly, depending on howrare or highly sought-after each Stone is at the time. Unlike our Entry Level Collection, The Granite Place’s Exotic Natural Stone selection often comes in limited quantities, and with unique characteristics in each grouping.

What Exactly is a Semi-Precious Stone Countertop?

Semi-Precious stones are common gemstones that have many different forms. From agates, gemstones, quartz crystals, to petrified wood, The Granite Place has several types of Semi Precious Stone slabs available. Each slab is hand-arranged and custom sized to create the perfect sized slab for any home improvement project!

Agate Blue is the most popular Semi Precious Stone material in our collection, with its signature arrangement of genuine cut Agates embedded in a translucent mixture of quartz and resin. These Agate designs are available in multiple colors such as Red, Black, Green, and more! Often used for bar tops and vanities, all of our Agate slabs can be backlit, giving it a beautiful luminescent look!

One of our Semi-Precious Stone materials is Petrified Wood, a fairly rare Natural Stone that forms from fossilized trees. These ancient tree roots are sliced and arranged into an artistic and unique surface, often used for tables, fireplaces, and wall applications.

Types of Exotic Countertop Stones

Our Exotic Natural Stone selection includes Granite, Quartzite, Marble, Onyx, and other Natural Stones with unique or rare properties.

Blue Bahia Granite is The Granite Place’s signature Exotic Granite. Named for the frescos in the Brazilian churches of the Bahia region, painted in indigo ink on porcelain, its classic indigo blue coloring is only found in certain regions of Brazil. Incredibly durable and long-lasting, Blue Bahia is an excellent option for durability and style.

An incredibly popular choice for modern homes, Taj Mahal Quartzite is one of our most recognizable Exotic Stones. With calm, sandy waves against a crystalline backdrop, Taj Mahal Quartzite can coordinate with most color schemes in your home. Its toughness and ability to provide a visually stunning countertop have made this Exotic Quartzite a smash hit!

Cristallo Extra Blue Quartzite is one of our most dramatic exotic stones, with a bright blue pattern across a clean white crystal background. This Exotic Brazilian Quartzite makes for an incredible and long-lasting focus piece!

Are Exotic and Semi-Precious Stone Countertops Durable?

Your countertop’s ability to handle heat, scratching, or other damage from heavy use is one of the most important things to consider before deciding on a material. To some, durability may be more of a priority than others, so it’s important to consider the unique properties and hardness of the stone you are working with. 

Generally, softer stones like Marble and Onyx can be easily scratched or stained, so for example, they would be more suited to a vanity top instead of a kitchen counter. Semi-Precious Stone and Agate countertops can be sensitive to extreme heat, due to the resin content holding the slabs together, although scratching is far from a concern. Quartzite and Granite are typically the most durable Natural Stones for a countertop.

Some stones like Fantasy Wave Marble can be quite delicate, making it susceptible to scratches or staining. Proper sealing and cleaning are important in keeping your Exotic Stone vibrant and colorful, so check out our Marble Cleaning & Care article to learn how to care for your Marble and protect your investment!

Opus White Quartzite is an Exotic stone that has a beautiful marble-like pattern of deep green veining, making it a unique and durable choice for a countertop. One of the hardest and toughest stones we have in our inventory, Opus White Quartzite is an excellent choice for a “marble-like” look that can withstand practically any wear-and-tear. If durability is what you’re shopping for, check out why Quartzite is a Good Choice for Your Countertop.

Are Exotic & Semi Precious Stone Countertops Expensive?

Our Exotic and Semi Precious Stone countertop selection is top-tier in regards to visual and material quality, so naturally the price will reflect that. There is no set “Exotic” price point, as each group of slabs will have their own unique rarity and demand. It would be a wise choice to compare multiple material options when you shop for a countertop, in order to fully understand the differences in cost. For instance, an Exotic Brazilian Quartzite will have a different value than an Exotic Italian Marble, and both may be substantially different from a Precious Stone or Onyx Countertop price.

Are There Artificial Alternatives for Exotic and Semi-Precious Stone Countertops?

While some materials like Petrified Wood have proven difficult to fake, modern developments in technology have enabled some companies to create beautiful artificial stone pieces. Quartz manufacturers are able to imitate high-end patterns like Marble or Onyx, to make a more affordable or durable countertop for your project. Semi-Precious stones, such as agates, can be artificially grown in laboratory conditions, which can give it a more consistent uniform look than the natural version. Keep in mind, however, that an artificial stone material may sometimes be similar in cost to their natural counterparts.

Add a touch of class and sophistication to your next renovation! Visit One of Our Showrooms to view these incredible Exotic & Semi Precious Stone pieces in person.