While natural stone is one of the most popular materials for kitchen and bathroom countertops, there are quite a few other uses for it. Throughout history, natural stone has been used in churches, palaces, temples, pyramids, and an assortment of other places that have stood the test of time. These days, due to its natural beauty and durability, natural stone can be used in a variety of ways for both residential or commercial settings. Here are just a few of the alternative uses and unique applications for natural stone you may want to consider in addition to your countertops.


For a floor that will last and keep its luster, you just can’t beat granite. Considering that nearly any type of natural stone is millions of years old, it will certainly outlast any other flooring material on the market. It will resist scratches and weather much better than other materials. It is also impenetrable to liquids so it will protect your subfloor, and because it is hypoallergenic, it will severely reduce the number of allergens present in your home.


Whether you use marble, granite, or stacked stones, natural stone is a great addition to a fireplace. Because it can endure great amounts of heat, it is a natural choice for the interior of the fireplace as well as the hearth. Many people will accent their fireplaces with floor to ceiling natural stone, creating a beautiful, sleek, timeless facade.


Natural stone can also be used for dining room tables, coffee tables, and even outdoor furniture. There are already a number of natural stone tables on the market, but it can also be custom designed to give you just the look you’re going for. Whether it is used for the tabletop, the base, or even seats and benches, natural stone adds an essence of elegance and beauty to any table.

Exterior landscaping

The uses of natural stone are not only for the interior of the home. Due to its ability to stand the test of time under all sorts of weather, natural stone can also be used for exterior design and landscaping. Whether it’s used as flooring for the patio, walkway steps, planters, benches, or an exterior facade, natural stone offers an assortment of uses to beautify your home. And if you’re designing an outdoor kitchen, its durability makes natural stone a perfect choice to outfit your grill.

As we’ve stated in previous articles, natural stone can also be used for vanities, backsplashes, and assortment of alternative applications. Although it may be more costly than other materials initially, considering that natural stone will hold up to both changing times, styles, and weather, it is sure to be a worthwhile investment and could prove to be the more cost-effective solution in the long run.

Let us know how you envision using natural stone in your home or place of business. We are glad to help turn your vision into reality. Visit our showroom today for more design inspiration!