The kitchen is all the rage this year! Due to Covid-19 travel restrictions and fear of dining out in public, people are staying home and cooking in their kitchens more. As a result, they’re paying more attention to the beauty and functionality of their kitchens – or lack thereof. If you’re giving your kitchen a facelift this year, you are not alone! 

How Should I Update My Kitchen and Bath?

Many travel plans were dashed this year and that means more money in people’s pockets for home improvements. The money slated for luxury trips to Europe or Alaskan cruises is getting diverted to new, bold backsplashes, on-trend countertops, and other more domestic luxuries. Several people are also tackling their bathrooms and giving them an update along with their kitchens. With changes in the times, comes changes in style. We’ll take a look at what’s in and out in terms of kitchen and countertop style right now, and some bathroom trends too.

There are plenty of classic styles that stand the test of time. Marble and other more neutral stones that brighten a room while also exuding warmth and coziness, will not go out of style. Marble may go out of favor for busy households that don’t want to fuss with etching, but it will never lack style and class. To stay stylish without adopting a particular trend that might get old in five years, stick with greys, off-white, tans, beiges. Simple lines and neutral cabinetry also help maintain a timeless look.

For those who love to change things up every now and then to keep up with ever evolving styles and trends, there are a few stand out trends this year that should be fun to try. One of the most exciting is the accent backsplash or island. Trendy homeowners are installing exotic stone or even gemstone slabs as backsplashes to draw interest to that part of the kitchen. 

Alternately, some opt to use the kitchen island to feature a unique slab with lots of color or movement, like Blue Bahia granite or Ijen Quartzite. The key to making this trend work is to keep the rest of the kitchen neutral. You don’t want the color or pattern in your primary countertop to conflict with the movement or color in your backsplash or kitchen island countertop feature.

What are the Current Style Trends?

If you are bold enough to embrace current trends throughout the kitchen, opt for dark gray or nearly black countertops, maybe black soapstone or black Radianz. This trend works perfectly with an accent stone over the backsplash or island as well. The key here is to not get too contrasty. Black and white is out, for instance. Gray and white or beige and white are in, as are other neutral tones that provide a sense of seamless integration rather than stark contrast.

While exotic backsplashes are really trendy now; simple white subway tiles are out according to several online style watchers. Instead, some homeowners are using colored subway tiles, tiles in different shapes, or other more eye-catching tile designs. These new features add interest to the backsplash, similar to the idea of using an accent gemstone or exotic stone. 

A lot of kitchens featured in magazines and online style websites like Architectural Digest and HGTV show counters and countertops in similar shades now too. However, there’s a catch to that trend to keep things lively. The countertop usually has a unique feature, like bold veining or streaks of color to break up the monotony of beige on beige or white on white. For example, one kitchen in the June issue of Architectural Digest featured white cabinets with white marble, but the marble boasted vivid streaks of blue veining, which added color and motion to the otherwise neutral backdrop.

Marbled browns, beiges, cream colors, and tortoise shell-like patterns are very popular right now. Mix with Blanc du Blanc or Amarone to add a focal point, as discussed previously.

What About Texture and Finishes?

While mixing slabs in the kitchen is a new color trend, the way granite is treated before installation is changing too. Some adventurous people are getting their stone finished with a unique tactile surface or texture, reminiscent of leather or even snakeskin or crocodile print. The more unique the texture though, it’s best to stick with a stone that doesn’t have too much conflicting movement, like absolute black.

The most popular finish for natural stone is still polished, but trendy homeowners are opting more for honed surfaces. The honed surface offers a matte finish that lends smooth elegance and warmth, without the cold hard glare that is sometimes cast off a brightly polished stone. Leathered textures are becoming more popular too. A leathered surface is honed, with some additional treatment to make the surface resemble gently worn leather.

Finishes that can be applied to natural stone can also be applied to Radianz Quartz. Just inquire with your fabricator about the options available. 

Kitchens aren’t the only part of the house getting a make-over these days. Bathrooms are getting updated too. Similar to kitchen trends, matte finishes are growing in popularity in bathrooms, as are neutral colors. 

While marble is migrating out of the kitchen in busier households, it is finding a place in the bathroom. Those who fear marble as a countertop surface but love the look, are using whole slabs to line showers or bathroom walls. Imagine white bathroom cabinets, white Radianz countertops with flecks of gray and a backdrop of Carrera marble in the shower. That’s perfectly on trend, and also pretty timeless.

No matter your style, the sales staff of The Granite Place is eager to help you find the stone that fits your lifestyle and your taste. Whether you like to keep up with trends by updating your kitchen and bathroom every five years or you prefer something that lasts a lifetime, you’ll find exactly what you need in our showroom. Visit us today!