Often used as an attractive and durable “marble alternative,” Mont Blanc Quartzite is a popular choice for a Natural Stone countertop among homeowners and designers alike. This Brazilian Natural Stone exudes sophistication and elegance while creating a long-lasting and stain-resistant surface.

At The Granite Place, we carry a huge variety of different Natural Stones in our showroom, each with their own unique qualities and considerations. That could make it difficult to keep track of all your options. To help you pick the perfect countertop material for your kitchen or bath, let’s take a moment to put the spotlight on one of our incredible Natural Stones: Mont Blanc Quartzite!

Style and Colors of Mont Blanc Quartzite

Meaning “White Mountain” in French, Mont Blanc Quartzite features a cool white background accented with dramatic charcoal veining, appearing as fault lines, as well as deposits of bright white crystals peppered throughout the stone. With its sparkling white appearance and visual depth, Mont Blanc brings a classical, yet contemporary look to any room. Compliment your Mont Blanc countertop with chrome or silver fixtures to make it truly pop!

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How Durable is Mont Blanc Quartzite?

Mont Blanc, like most Quartzite, is incredibly durable as a countertop. Even harder than Marble and Granite, Mont Blanc Quartzite is highly resistant to heat, scratching, and staining. While all Natural Stone will require regular cleaning and sealing through the years, Mont Blanc Quartzite will require comparatively less maintenance than other Stones.

Does Mont Blanc Quartzite Stain?

While Quartzite is incredibly durable, light-colored Quartzite can sometimes absorb water, and leave small discolorations or “water spots.” Even when it’s properly sealed, Mont Blanc Quartzite still can experience this light water absorption. The discoloration from moisture should naturally fade away over the course of a week or so as the stone dries, although it is recommended to clean all spills (including water) as soon as possible to avoid this occurrence. Check out Our Guide to Cleaning and Caring for Quartzite Countertops

Material Info: Mont Blanc Quartzite

  • Mohs Hardness: 7
  • Porosity: 0.48%
  • Water Absorption: 0.18%
  • Scratch Resistance: 51.484mm

What is the Price Range of Mont Blanc Quartzite?

The value of Quartzite will vary from stone to stone, as every Natural Stone has unique and sometimes rare qualities. While typically higher-priced than Entry Level Granites and Marbles, Quartzite’s high durability and stunning visuals can make it a worthwhile investment. Mont Blanc Quartzite is an Exotic Stone, and comes in unique, limited batches, or “lots.”

Be sure to communicate with your countertop professional for a precise estimate on your material, as every individual block of Natural Stone will have its own particular price and properties.

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