If you are renovating your kitchen and adding in new countertops and cabinets, also be sure to consider your lighting design. Considering the multiple tasks the kitchen is used for, it’s important to have lighting that is functional and flexible. Ultimately, your lighting layout will depend on the size and complexity of your kitchen, but we hope these tips will give you some things to consider as you make your kitchen the best it can be.


Think about all of the various tasks and events that occur in your kitchen. It is not only one of the most popular meeting places, it also hosts all of the food preparation, which comes in a lot of steps. Consider the stations you’ll need for cutting, cleaning, cooking, dining, and other tasks and break them down into zones.

Each zone will need its own lighting to perform its own function, whether that be to illuminate a work area, add some accent lighting, or to simply create a general ambiance. Once you know what you’ll be doing in the zone, you’ll have a better idea of what sort of light you’ll need and what function you’ll need it to perform.


One of the most popular trends to come along in the last few years has been the addition of dimmers to lighting design. Adding a dimmer instead of a switch gives you the opportunity to adjust your lighting fixtures accordingly, giving you great control over the ambiance and functionality of your kitchen. Of course, because they give you the ability to lower the electricity sent to any fixture, they can also help lower your energy bills.


For general illumination, start at the top. While some use above-cabinet lighting to offer a bounce off the ceiling, recessed downlights assure stronger lighting. You may want to consider downward facing lights over the sink or stovetop to help with cleaning and cooking. For heavily used countertops, under-cabinet lighting ensures better visibility for tasks like chopping, dicing, and mixing. More energy-efficient miniature track lights or low-voltage linear systems can also be used as an under-cabinet option to produce a softer, yet well-lit ambiance.


Overhead pendant lighting has become a popular way to highlight kitchen islands, and for use above the sink and stove top. They serve a functional purpose and can add a lot to the character of the kitchen. Because they come in an assortment of styles, shapes, and textures, they can be used as an essential compliment to your overall design. Oversized fixtures are also a growing trend if you’re really looking to make a statement.

Ultimately, much of the lighting in your kitchen is going to depend on your kitchen and the special features you’ve already added. For instance, you may need to consider lighting glass-front cabinets from inside or dropping a little spotlight on the wet bar sink. How you shine your light will depend on what you’ve got to shine it on. Come to the showroom at The Granite Place and let us help you with your redesign!