If you’ve been searching for a curated, premium selection of quartz for either a residential or commercial application in Florida, then look no further. The Granite Place is proud and excited to announce our line of premium engineered stone, hand selected from top providers around the world: TGP Quartz!

TGP Quartz Cascade

Curated by traveling the world visiting manufacturing facilities, learning about their processes, and inspecting the stone products for pattern detail and color definition, each manufacturer TGP has partnered with uses the latest and highest-quality technology available for creating quartz slabs in the engineered stone industry. TGP has ensured our clients the highest quality of quartz stone based on research, industry knowledge, and trends. The extensive TGP Quartz Collection provides premium hand-made slabs using the latest technology to make the finest quartz products for both commercial and residential applications.

Why Choose the TGP Quartz Collection?

Choosing the perfect slab of quartz can be a long and arduous process, and TGP understands the difficulty home and business owners can experience. We’ve made it easier by doing the work for you – all you have to do is look through the collection and you can be assured of the highest quality for your hard-earned money. Some of the reasons you should choose TGP Quartz include: 

  • Premium Engineered Stone Utilizing the Latest Technology
  • Hand Selected From Top Providers Around the World
  • Perfect for Residential and Commercial Applications
  • Versatile, Stylish Designs
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Easy to Maintain and Ultra Hygienic
  • Extremely Durable
  • Stain Resistant and Nonabsorbent
  • Does Not Need Sealing
  • Backed by the TGP Brand

Whether it’s for your business or home, TGP Quartz is the perfect compliment to your design aesthetic and bank account. 

TGP Quartz Polar WhiteHighest Quality Quartz

When it comes to engineered stone, TGP doesn’t offer our products based solely on the aesthetics and price points. We also consider something many might not immediately connect to stone products: technology. TGP Quartz provides the latest in the stone industry technology that allows us to display high-definition and extremely detailed patterns and colors.  

TGP Quartz Collection Colors

The extensive TGP Quartz Collection gives selections for everyone’s personal taste at affordable price points, with variety for every situation. Whether searching for selections that create a refined elegance or a modern simplicity, the TGP Quartz Collection brings life and style to any space. With over 40 quartz countertop colors to choose from, your home or business will reflect exactly the feel and intent desired.

Quartz for Residential and Commercial ApplicationsTGP Quartz Macchia Vecchia

Designing for a commercial space versus a residential space may require a different expertise, but they both run into the same challenges when it comes to choosing stone surfaces. 

TGP Quartz is GREENGUARD Certified

TGP Quartz products are GREENGUARD certified and have a gold standard for chemical emissions for building materials, finishes and furnishings. But what does that really mean? 

Basically, the TGP Quartz collection is guaranteed to give off only low levels of volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, offering better indoor air quality for the customer and less concern over new materials brought into your home or business. The TGP Quartz Collection’s GREENGUARD certified countertops extends the options of not only eco-friendly products but also elegant and gorgeous stone slabs.

TGP Quartz Breccia ViolaTGP Guaranteed

The TGP Quartz Collection is our high-quality quartz chosen from select providers around the world and backed 100% by the TGP brand. When choosing TGP Quartz, our customers know that they are getting the best of the best, and that we stand behind every quartz slab in our inventory. If you are in the market for a bathroom or kitchen overhaul, or if your business is in the design phase of a new build-out, stop by one of our four TGP showrooms today and check out our newest quartz offering, the TGP Quartz Collection. Our knowledgeable staff can answer any question and direct you to the perfect piece of quartz for your home or business! Visit www.TGPQuartz.com to learn more.