As the room where most people start their days, people spend a lot of time in their kitchens. It’s often one of the first rooms guests see when they visit and usually serves as the heart of holiday gatherings and get-togethers. Therefore, it’s important to keep it fresh, stylish, and functional.

Last year, white kitchens were all the rage. With its fresh and clean look, white can really energize a room. However, this year, a much broader palette of colors is trending.

As the backbone of design, color brings a lot more visual interest to any area of the house, especially the kitchen. A fresh coat of paint can re-energize a room and help to create the warm and welcoming space you’re looking for. And since no wall should be left as a blank canvas in creating the art of your home, when choosing colors, it’s also important to consider color ideas for accent walls, as sometimes the best colors are applied in small doses.

Historically, kitchens have been known to work well with standard colors like white, gray, blue, yellow, green and red. But in 2019, dark colors and neutral tones are becoming very popular. Here are a few of the latest color trends in kitchen decor for 2019.

Dark Colors

While whites and grays have been trending for the past few years, newer trends are leaning toward darker colors, like navy blue, forest green, and even black. As more people embrace natural stone for their countertops, dark greens are helping people to really embrace the healing power of nature by emulating the sense of lush botanicals and the protective feeling of the forest. Obviously, these darker colors can overpower small spaces and make them look darker so they should be reserved for large, well-lit rooms or for accents.

The Healing Colors of Nature

To make your kitchen seem bigger than it really is, varying shades of hazelnut do a wonderful job of reflecting light in warm and inviting shades. Mustard also offers muted and moody tones to create provocative depth when used for accent walls and trim. It’s also great for highlighting art and other decor.

The Palette of Pastels

To balance out those dark colors, muted pastels bring a soothing appeal and a warm backdrop. Pastels like blush and lilac are becoming the new neutrals, pairing beautifully with both bold and natural colors to create calming spaces that are cheery and gender neutral.

Sculpting Your Space with Clay

The sunny zest and casual elegance of soft clay colors are also a big trend this year. As alternatives to the beiges and browns that have been popular in recent years, 2019 is seeing a move toward more natural tones of burnt orange, caramel, and terra cotta to elevate the mood of a room.


Ultimately, when choosing the colors for your kitchen, it will come down to the personal aesthetic you’re looking for and how the colors make you feel. Open yourself up to the colors that will highlight your own lifestyle and taste. Your home is your art. Make it work for you.