A Cristallo Quartzite countertop has been a highly sought-after feature in high-end kitchens, bar tops, and bathrooms for well over a decade. As versatile as it is beautiful, Cristallo Quartzite can be used for wall applications and stylish lighting features as well as countertops. Its fascinating, crystalline quality and its rugged durability make Cristallo Quartzite an excellent choice for an impressive and long-lasting home fixture.

Cristallo Quartzite is only one of a huge variety of different Natural Stones we carry in our showrooms. Because every Natural Stone has its own unique qualities and considerations, choosing the right stone for your home can be pretty overwhelming.  To help you make the right decision regarding Cristallo Quartzite, let’s put the spotlight on this extremely popular and very beautiful Natural Stone.

Style and Colors of Cristallo Quartzite

Often a hazy white color, with occasional gold or deep red from the natural inclusions within, Cristallo Quartzite has a signature ‘white crystal’ look, with beautiful natural fault lines and cracks beneath the surface. Cristallo Quartzite can occasionally be semi-translucent, meaning that light can be seen through the stone. With some cleverly-placed lighting, your Cristallo Quartzite countertop can give off a soft glow! Use color-changing LEDs for a fun effect!

Like most natural stones, the appearance of Cristallo can vary quite a bit from slab to slab. Different factors, such as location and exposure to outside elements can affect the stone’s color and features greatly. The clearest blocks of Cristallo with the cleanest white color are typically called “Cristallo Extra,” which is often available at a premium rate. We import our Cristallo Quartzite directly from quarries in the mountainous regions of Brazil, where giant blocks of it are quarried from volcanic boulders.

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How Durable is Cristallo Quartzite?

It’s no exaggeration when we say Cristallo Quartzite is the most durable Natural Stone we carry at The Granite Place. Cristallo Quartzite’s compact, crystalline structure makes it practically invincible as a countertop, resisting shock, heat, cold, scratching, and even some staining!

Even when it’s properly sealed, Cristallo Quartzite still can experience light water absorption. It is advised to seal your Cristallo Quartzite countertop thoroughly when it is first installed, as well as re-sealing every 5 to 7 years, or until water spots begin to appear more frequently. Any discoloration from moisture should naturally fade away over the course of a week or so as the stone dries, although it is recommended to clean all spills (including water) as soon as possible, as well as regular use of preventative measures such as coasters and cutting boards to avoid this occurrence. 

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Material Info: Cristallo Quartzite

  • Mohs Hardness: 7
  • Porosity: 0.222%
  • Absorption Level: 0.084% (Low)
  • Abrasion Resistance: (High)
  • Stain Resistance: (High)
  • Heat Resistance: (High)
  • UV Resistance: (Medium)

What is the Price Range of Cristallo Quartzite?

The value of Quartzite will vary from stone to stone, as every Natural Stone has unique and sometimes rare qualities. While typically higher-priced than Entry Level Granites and Marbles, Quartzite’s high durability and stunning visuals can make it a worthwhile investment. Cristallo Quartzite is an Exotic Stone, and comes in unique, limited batches, or “lots.” Cristallo will sometimes come in different variations, such as Cristallo Extra, or Cristallo Blue. Loved by interior designers and countertop professionals, this Cristallo Quartzite may be the perfect choice for your kitchen remodel project.

Be sure to communicate with your countertop professional for a precise estimate on your material, as every individual block of Natural Stone will have its own particular price and properties.

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