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Frequently Asked Questions When Shopping at The Granite Place

July 27, 2020 News, Sarasota
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So many questions abound when shopping during a home renovation, we thought we’d offer up some of the more frequently asked ones regarding TGP.

How The Granite Place is Taking Care of Customers During the Covid-19 Pandemic

July 2, 2020 News, Sarasota
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front entrance of The Granite Place showroom

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues, we wanted to share the steps we have taken to comply with CDC guidelines, as well as provide our top-notch customer service.

How to Clean and Disinfect but Not Damage Natural Stone

March 25, 2020 Ideas, News, Sarasota
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During the coronavirus pandemic, we offer ideas on how to best clean and disinfect your natural stone countertops.

Why Marble Could be the Perfect Choice for Your Kitchen

February 6, 2020 Kitchen, News, Sarasota
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Marble’s tendency to show chips, scratches, spills, and other signs of use might turn away some, but for many, it’s what makes this stone so appealing.

Stone Color Palettes

November 7, 2019 Ideas, News, Sarasota
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A review of some of the most popular color patterns in kitchen design, including Fantasy Brown, Super White, Blue Calcite, and Dolce Vita.

All About Granite

October 23, 2018 Bath, Kitchen, Quarry Stone, Sarasota
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Now one of the most popular materials for countertops, granite is the most common igneous rock found on.

Introducing The Granite Place

August 14, 2018 News, Sarasota
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Since The Granite Place opened its doors in June 2005, we have become the premier supplier of stone.

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