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The Story Behind Natural Stone

August 28, 2020 Kitchen, News, Quarry Stone
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Not only is location an important aspect of where you live and where you shop, but it also plays a part in the history of your countertop. Depending on where the natural stone was sourced, an interesting story might literally be at your fingertips!

Are Granite Countertops Radioactive?

June 9, 2020 Bath, Kitchen, Quarry Stone
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There is a lot of confusion out there about whether granite countertops are radioactive or harmful for your health. Learn the truth about granite countertops.

Our Take on the Highly-Debated Fantasy Brown Stone

May 25, 2020 Ideas, News, Quarry Stone
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The debate over Fantasy Brown often misses the main point: it’s a unique and durable countertop stone that won’t break the bank.

Is Quartzite a Good Choice for Your kitchen Countertop?

March 13, 2020 News, Quarry Stone
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Learn about the different types of quartzite for countertops and how they compare to each other and other natural stones like marble and granite.

Safety in the Stone Yard

October 8, 2019 News, Quarry Stone
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While our showroom at The Granite Place has many beautiful slabs of granite and other natural stones, be aware of safety precautions.

Quartz vs Granite

September 17, 2019 Engineered Stone, News, Quarry Stone
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The pros and cons of using quartz and granite for natural stone kitchen countertops and other applications throughout the home.

Everything You Need to Know About Marble

May 15, 2019 News, Quarry Stone
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Marble is a timeless, elegant choice for countertops in the kitchen or bathroom, but can be more susceptible to stains and scratches.

Types of Countertops

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Kitchen countertops come in a variety of choices, including natural stone, like marble, granite, soapstone, and quartzite, and manufactured materials like quartz and porcelain.

The Many Uses of Natural Stone

March 6, 2019 Ideas, News, Quarry Stone
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Whether you’re using granite, marble, or another natural stone, there are other unique applications for natural stone beyond kitchen and bathroom countertops.

Best Reasons to Choose Natural Stone for your Kitchen Countertop

November 6, 2018 Kitchen, Quarry Stone
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We’ve all seen those fabulously redesigned kitchens on various home renovation shows or on a favorite reality tv.

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