A gorgeous natural stone countertop can be the key to tying an entire room together. It can be a great conversation piece, a useful tool, and a vital piece of decor, all at the same time. It has always been a highly sought-after feature in both historic and modern homes, and it’s certainly showing no signs of going out of style! 

Since 2005, The Granite Place has been the best source for the highest quality natural stones, featuring exotic Granites, Marbles, and Quartzites from all over the world. However, our brilliant selection of exotic materials are just the tip of the iceberg. Remodeling your bathroom or kitchen on a budget has never been easier with the TGP Entry Level Collection!

A Wide Selection of Affordable Stone Countertops 

Our wide variety of Entry Level Granite & more means your dream countertop can be a reality without breaking the bank! Select from captivating colors like Bianco Antico, Viscont White, Black Pearl, Montana Gray, and even the popular Rocky Mountain to add the perfect touch to your home.

Being on a Budget Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Have Top Quality Countertops

While some other places will carry “discount” granite for lower-cost options, the quality of the material may not always be up to par. TGP Entry Level stone slabs are thoroughly inspected for color, design, and structural defects before they’re presented in our showroom. All-natural stone available at The Granite Place goes through a rigorous evaluation before it’s even imported to the US. Our meticulous selection process ensures we carry only the finest natural stones with the most vivid color and movement, and most importantly – quality!

Granite is a Beautiful, Durable, and Affordable Option for any Homeowner

In days past, granite was typically only considered for high-end, luxury projects, and would sometimes be too costly for smaller budgets. Fast-forward to today, with new advancements in technology and larger supply chains, Granite has become a more affordable option for even the most modest home improvement project. Its affordability, durability and visual beauty make Granite a perfect material for practically anyone’s budget! 

To learn more about the properties and uses of Granite, check out our blog All About Granite

There’s something for everyone at The Granite Place: the Supplier of Superior Quality Stone! Visit one of our local showrooms today to view the TGP Entry Level Collection in-person, as well as our wide selection of Radianz Quartz, Marble, Quartzite, and Exotics. 

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