If you’re stepping into our showroom at The Granite Place for the first time, you’ll be greeted by an enormous variety of natural stones: from soft white Marbles, to colorful Granites, to bright exotic Quartzites. With so many stone types and colors available, it can be a daunting task to choose the right stone for your kitchen or bath. Not to worry, though! At The Granite Place, we’re here to not only supply the perfect stone for your next renovation, but also to help you select that perfect stone.

Remodeling Your Kitchen or Bath on a Budget

In our last blog, we discussed how a Granite countertop can be a brilliant option for even the most modest remodeling budget, and we introduced the wide selection of Granite and other natural stones in our TGP Entry Level – a carefully curated selection of high quality Granites, with a choice of polished and honed finishes, perfect for giving your home that “designer look” without breaking the bank. 

So, in this blog, let’s dive into some specific colors that are part of our TGP Entry Level selection, as well as cover some design insights and ideas to help you get started on your home improvement project!

Antarctic White

A unique Granite with layers of starkly contrasting black and white tones, Antarctic White is perfect for rooms that need to look a bit more spacious. The linear movement makes for a beautiful waterfall edge, and the signature “layer cake” pattern tells an amazing geological story you can only find in natural stone!

Montana Grey

Think of light crystalline clouds rolling over a deep charcoal background. Montana Grey is an excellent option for a cozy, rustic look in a kitchen, or a dramatic center island design. If you look closely at the Granite, you’ll notice tiny flecks of red garnet, giving Montana Grey’s color a remarkable depth.

White Delicatus

A lovely light-colored Granite with scattered black mica crystals throughout in an explosive pattern. Those of us with any home painting experience know that there are about a thousand shades of white, and multiple shades of white in White Delicatus allow you to easily match most cabinets or appliances! The complexity of this stone makes for an incredible textured look, while also being easy to spot-clean on the light surface.

Negresco Black

Now available in a honed finish, Negresco Black is an all-black Granite with subtle silver speckles throughout. The honed finish gives this stone a matte black look, which makes for an incredible outdoor kitchen or center island. You can never go wrong with simple black countertops!


Stop by our showroom today to view the TGP Entry Level Collection, as well as dozens more incredible colors, including Radianz engineered Quartz! Or, visit our contact us page to find a showroom nearest to you and speak to one of our knowledgeable representatives.