Selecting a new Natural Stone countertop for your home can be a remarkably personal and artistic choice. Whether for a small bathroom vanity or a large kitchen remodel, the many decisions that go into completing your home improvement project can become slightly intimidating. After all, your creative vision will be quite literally set in stone! While our knowledgeable representatives are here to help you find the perfect Natural Stone for your project, assisting you in exploring your design and color options is a signature part of The Granite Place experience.

Earlier this year, we discussed our carefully curated selection of high-quality Granites in our TGP Entry Level Collection, as well as highlighted some featured Natural Stones that can achieve that “Designer Look” on a Budget. Today, let’s explore some more budget-friendly Granite options, as well as some design and color-pairing ideas to get those creative juices flowing!

Valhalla Granite

A fascinating array of black, linear crystals scattered against a snowy backdrop, Valhalla is named for its unique look, resembling ancient Viking runes carved into ice. Its intriguing design and texture allows for a simple, room-brightening white countertop while also containing a tremendous amount of character and detail.

Blue Dunes Granite

A gentle waving pattern of cool grays, silvers, and blues. Blue Dunes has that distinct “Natural Stone” look to bring a life-like vibrancy to your countertop. Perfect to match with white or black cabinetry, while still bringing a subtle variety of color to your kitchen.


River White Granite

A very popular option for those looking to find a “marble-like” look in a Granite, River White features a gentle off-white background with soft grey streaks throughout. Flecks of garnet pepper this stone, allowing you to explore reds and purples in your decor or backsplash options while keeping a simple white theme.

Azarro Granite

With a gorgeous alabaster and taupe background, Azarro features large deposits of smoky quartz, accented with splashes of deep indigo. The large, dramatic pattern of this Granite makes it an excellent option for an eye-catching center island, or an exotic-looking outdoor kitchen.


White Galaxy Granite

Both stylish and remarkably simple, White Galaxy features a pure white background, streaked with clusters of small black crystals, often flowing in a satisfyingly uniform direction. This Granite is a wonderful option for a continuous waterfall edge, as well as achieving that “clean white” appearance sought after in a countertop.


These and many more fascinating and affordable Natural Stone options are available to view in-person at The Granite Place! Find a showroom near you today to stop by and explore our large variety of Granite, Marble, Quartzite, Exotic Materials, as well as Radianz Quartz Surfaces. Check out our previous article where we answer the all-important question: “What is the Best Countertop for Your Money?