Used throughout human history for its beauty and sturdiness, Bianco Carrara Marble has been a highly regarded Natural Stone as far back as Ancient Rome. Quarried exclusively in the Carrara region of Italy, Bianco Carrara is used worldwide for upscale homes and construction projects. The Carrara Marble carries with it a 2,000+ year reputation of quality, and it remains one of the most desired Natural Stones in modern homes. From interior countertops, walls, and flooring, to exterior applications like columns, trim, and sculptures, Bianco Carrara Marble is as timeless as it is gorgeous!

At The Granite Place, we carry a huge variety of different Natural Stones in our showrooms, each with their own unique qualities and considerations. It can get pretty overwhelming to consider all  your countertop options. To help you choose that perfect countertop material for your kitchen or bath, let’s take a moment to put the spotlight on one of our most classic, durable, and beautiful  Natural Stones: Bianco Carrara Marble!

Style and Colors of Bianco Carrara Marble

Known for its signature streaks of black and gray on a cloudy white background, Bianco Carrara Marble’s “off-white” appearance makes it a versatile Stone, matching both dark and light-colored paint and cabinetry. Bianco Carrara Marble is available in both polished and honed finishes, and it’s easy-to-shape properties give you the ability to choose from a wide variety of sculpting options in your backsplash, trim, and edges!

How Durable is Bianco Carrara Marble?

Bianco Carrara, like most Italian Marbles, is quite soft in comparison to other Natural Stones like Granite and Quartzite. It can be susceptible to staining and scratching without proper sealing and maintenance. That being said, Bianco Carrara Marble is still a Natural Stone, boasting more durability than other countertop materials such as wood or plastic. When properly cared for, Bianco Carrara Marble countertop can last a household for generations. Check out our article on The Best Way to Clean Marble Countertops and learn more about Sealing Your Countertop to keep your marble looking beautiful! 

Material Info: Bianco Carrara Marble

  • Mohs Hardness 3
  • Porosity 0.31%
  • Water Absorption 0.1%
  • Scratch Resistance 20.1mm

What is the Price Range of Bianco Carrara Marble?

While it is an imported Italian Marble, the cost of Bianco Carrara varies by the “grade” of the block’s visual quality, ranging from ‘A’ to ‘C’ grade. ‘A’ Grade is an extremely soft and rare Marble, often used for artistic sculptures, and is not used for countertops due to its high scarcity. Only ‘B’ or ‘C’ Grade Bianco Carrara Marble is approved for countertops, with ‘B’ Grade being higher in cost, based on its rarity. ‘C’ Grade Bianco Carrara Marble is the most common grade found in Natural Stone showrooms, and is typically similar in price to mid-level Granites. Always be sure to communicate with your countertop professional for a precise estimate on your material, as every individual block of Natural Stone will have its own particular price and properties.

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