Cleaning in the time of Covid has become a very important topic in regards to our overall health. But it’s always been an important topic when it comes to the care and maintenance of our homes. Last month we discussed the best ways to clean marble, and last summer we offered tips for the best ways to clean your countertops in regards to Covid-19. This month, we are covering the care, maintenance and cleaning of quartzite!

What Should I Know When it Comes to Cleaning Quartzite?

It’s important to know that when cleaning quartzite, simple and quick is best, and as with most natural stone, prevention is key! Quartzite is pretty low-maintenance, and as long as you take basic precautions and use the proper cleaning products, your investment should hold up well throughout the years. 

In previous blogs, we’ve discussed how a simple solution of soap and water will clean almost any natural stone, and the same goes for quartzite. But also like natural stone, you should properly seal your quartzite countertop after installation, repeating every one or two years to maintain the seal.

What Cleaners are Best for Cleaning Quartzite Countertops?

All stone suppliers agree that non-abrasive, low pH cleaners applied with a soft cloth or non-abrasive sponge is the best way to clean a quartzite countertop. Special cleaning products for natural stone are also options, but if you can address any spillage on the surface immediately, soap and water is always the best option.

If you do choose to purchase a natural stone cleaner, please check with your sales rep to ensure it is the right kind – not all quartzite is the same, and based on the porousness and the last time it was sealed, they may have further suggestions. 

What Should I Avoid Using When Cleaning Quartzite?

Stay away from abrasive sponges as well as bleach, ammonia, or acid-based cleaners. These items can scratch the surface or even weardown the sealant, which can cause your quartzite countertop to look unpolished, and allow for staining and etching. Even though quartzite is difficult to scratch and the drop of a knife shouldn’t leave a mark, it’s not completely resistant to stains if the proper precautions are not followed. 

Tips for Keeping Your Quartzite Countertops Beautiful

As we mentioned above, prevention is the key to keeping your quartzite countertop in pristine condition, so here are a few tips to help you keep your kitchen looking great:

  1. Clean any spills right away – the longer they linger, the more difficult they are to remove!
  2. Keep it simple – the most efficient way to keep your quartzite clean is to properly seal it and use a simple mixture of dish soap and water for day-to-day cleanings.
  3. If you question a cleaning method, try a test spot to ensure the viability! Choose a spot that is out of the way or easily covered and test out the cleaning method in question.
  4. Prevention. Is. Key. Using coasters, potholders, cutting boards, properly sealing and sealing once a year, as well as not letting stains sit for too long will help keep your quartzite looking gorgeous for years to come.

If you have any questions on the cleaning and maintenance of quartzite, please reach out to us or even stop by our showroom!