When renovating a kitchen, it is quite common to give plenty of consideration to the cabinets, countertops, colors, and flooring, but there is one vital accent that should also be considered. A good backsplash is extremely functional, but also adds a beautiful element of elegance. Installed properly, this useful addition will highlight the aesthetics of your countertop but also protect your walls and cabinets.

Like countertops, one of the most popular materials for backsplashes is natural stone. Whether you use travertine, marble, soapstone, granite, or quartz, natural stone is an instinctive complement for the rest of your kitchen. The Granite Place carries a large selection of natural stone backsplashes, including a vast array of marble!

Natural stone has universal appeal. Not only will it bring you years of functional beauty, but when you are prepared to sell your home, a natural stone backsplash will be a great addition for potential buyers.

However, as universal as it may be, no two stone backsplashes are the same. Every cut of stone has its own variation of color, bringing life and movement to each kitchen through veins and swirls. In addition to its durability, both fashionably and physically, its uniqueness is one of the greatest assets for every stone.

So which natural stone works best for backsplashes?

Travertine is a great addition to hardwood and laminate floors, and offers a wide range of colors to choose from. It blends well with cabinets, and is a good choice for affordability. Marble, on the other hand, is one of the most expensive options. For those who have marble countertops or marble floors, a marble backsplash can be a beautiful extension. And, of course, when combined with other materials, it makes for a vivid accent.

Between the extremes of these two natural stones are a number of other choices. Granite, soapstone, limestone, and quartzite each have their appeal, and ultimately, which natural stone is selected will be based on the needs of the kitchen.

However, there are also some other options for achieving both the functionality and aesthetic that a backsplash can offer. For instance, the engineered stone product of quartz, which we sell in our Radianz line, offers a more affordable material than natural stone while still retaining its durability and beauty. And for those who are looking for an even greater range of color and customizability, porcelain tiles work excellently as backsplashes, serving as flawless extensions from porcelain tile countertops or endearing accents to those made from natural stone. 

Ultimately, in addition to its visual appeal, a well installed backsplash will serve to protect the walls both from splatters, splashes, and odors that may come from food preparation, and it will also allow for much easier clean-up and maintenance. Keep in mind that another option is to use a full slab of stone for a backsplash. Not only does it offer a clean, classic and smooth aesthetic, but it can be easier to maintain and offer a more subtle, yet rich, design choice. It can also make a small space feel larger with its minimalistic sensibilities.

Check out our inventory of natural and engineered stone to see which pairs most beautifully with your kitchen and bathroom design.