The bathroom is probably the most important room to your daily routine. For a room that gets such frequent use, where people both get ready for the day and take time to relax and unwind, a bathroom remodel allows homeowners to add greater usability and style, upgrade materials, turn their bathrooms into a personal spa, and increase their property value. But while your favorite home improvement television show may make it look easy, things aren’t always as they appear. Before you start spending time and money on a newly remodeled bathroom space, there are a few things you should consider.

Plan, Plan, Plan
A bathroom can’t be remodeled without a very detailed plan. Write a list of everything you want done. Include everything from replacing the toilet to applying the tile grout. This will help you know all the tasks that will need to be completed, while helping contractors understand the scope of work.

Material Consideration
Bathrooms get wet. Splashes, drips, and the additional moisture in the air from hot showers means that you need to select materials that will be able to survive all that water. For instance, a wood floor in your bathroom may not be the best choice. Make the upfront investment in quality materials and hardware that will last so you won’t have to replace them later.

Once you’re finalized your wish list, figure out the costs of materials, shipping, delivery, installation, permitting, and any other associated costs to make sure it all fits within your budget. Then, add another 10 – 15% of your budget to pay for unexpected costs.

Emphasize Lighting
In the bathroom, atmosphere is everything. Pay attention to the lighting scheme. Balance out ambient and decorative lighting to set different moods and for functionality.

Design for Efficiency
Select appliances and fixtures that promote energy efficiency and water conservation. Installing a dual-flush toilet, getting Energy Star-rated windows, and using LED lighting can end up saving you a lot of money on fewer gallons of water used, reduced heating and cooling costs, and a smaller power bill. It’s also good for the planet.

Allow Some Extravagance
Since the bathroom is all about pampering and self-care, don’t be afraid to add a little extravagance. Adding some of the latest bathroom upgrades, like spa tubs, vessel sinks, in-floor heating, walk-in showers, or custom cabinetry, will make it a more comfortable refuge for you, and could help increase your resale value.

Mold and Ventilation
Mold grows in increased rates in a perpetually moist environment, therefore, it has the potential to be a big problem in any bathroom. Always look for signs of mold before starting a bathroom remodel. Also, proper ventilation in a bathroom is important. To prevent mold issues, consider a multilayered ventilation approach with an operable window and a ceiling ventilation fan.

Communicate Well
Just like in life, the biggest source of frustration in a remodeling job is usually due to a lack of communication. Assumptions can lead to all sorts of trouble, so ask lots of questions and clarify everything to avoid miscommunication.

Don’t Move Fixtures
Moving the fixtures around during a bathroom remodel is going to add a few thousand dollars to the cost of the project. Before you decide to move the location of your toilet or shower, think about whether or not it’s really worth the added expense.

DIY or Not?
While doing it yourself has become very popular, and you may think you can learn all you need to know from YouTube videos, a bathroom remodel has many components that could require special knowledge. If you hesitate at all, consider leaving it to the professionals.

We hope these tips help you in your next bathroom remodel, and don’t forget that our showroom is open to the public for inspiration and referrals.